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Detectable Warning Tape

Detectable Warning Tape

Detectable Plastic Tapes


Used to detect buried plastic mains pipes, communications conduits that are difficult to locate from above the ground.


Made from high quality materials and designed to last, saving time and money. Highly colourful and very visible, they are printed with words to identify the mains type, making them quick to recognise. Detectable metal wire that can be identified with a cable and pipe locator, saving time.

NOTE : The listings below are only a small sample of the range of tapes which we are able to supply. Please contact us at sales@signsafe.com.au with your requirements and we will contact you to discuss the available options. We can also supply your NON-DETECTABLE mains marker tape requirements.

Quotation Information
Product Code
Black Text on Red
100mm x 250m
Danger - Buried Fire Fighting Main Below
Black Text on Cream
100mm x 250m
Danger - Buried Sewer Main Below
Black Text on Green
100mm x 250m
Danger - Buried Water Main Below
Black Text on Yellow
150mm x 250m
Danger - Buried Gas Main Below


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